Tenant Showcase: Driscoll Tax & Accounting

Jeff Driscoll and his business, Driscoll Tax & Accounting, are one of the many businesses that call EBCO Park home. Driscoll Tax & Accounting has been providing clients personalized tax and accounting services in Erie & Crawford County since 2013.  

Driscoll is a tax professional and Enrolled Agent, “As an EA I assist taxpayers with their tax returns as well as their tax problems, e.g., when a taxpayer comes into my office with years of unfiled tax returns, or a certified letter from the IRS I am able to work on their behalf with the IRS to find a resolution to their problem,” he explained.

As a Platinum Quickbooks ProAdvisor, Driscoll helps clients clean up old bookkeeping issues, set up new accounting software, and provide ongoing support. Driscoll Tax & Accounting works with a variety of clients ranging from self-employed online retailers to large international corporations. To accommodate the unique needs of each client, Driscoll offers tailor-made solutions for their clients.

We discussed EBCO Park with Jeff and his experiences with the business center.

Why Did You Choose EBCO Park for Your Business?
When looking for space for the business, many of the spaces in the downtown area were too small, dated and priced at a premium. “I chose EBCO because I was able to get a good-sized office in an updated building at a fair price,” Driscoll remarked.

What Are The Reasons You Enjoy Being Located at EBCO Park?
Networking with the many different businesses located at EBCO Park has been a major benefit to the location. Driscoll discusses how the network inside the Park is an asset to both businesses and customers. “There are other businesses at EBCO that I have built relationships with. We are able to collaborate and refer clients to each other when the need arises. It is very convenient for the client,” he described.

The layout of the building and floor plan is convenient and makes for easy access for both businesses and clients. “The easy one-floor access for clients is great also. I have several older tax clients that appreciate the fact that my office is on the ground floor,” Driscoll said. 

The office and maintenance staff is always helpful and responsive. Maintenance issues that come up are handled in a very timely manner and professional manner. There have been many improvements to the buildings such as new emergency lighting, repainting of the hallways, updated decor in the common areas, and more. 

What Benefits of EBCO Park Would You Tell Anyone Looking for a New Location?
The buildings are easy to access with ample parking. The large lunch area in our building is a great bonus, and there is a conference room available when I have a meeting with a group of clients.

Driscoll says, “Hoffman United has been great to work with and I look forward to seeing what they do in the future to further improve EBCO Park!”

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