Locally Owned and Managed

EBCO Park is a business park perfect for those seeking a great value on leasing an office and/or warehouse space. EBCO Park has six buildings with flexible and competitively priced spaces for your expansion and growth needs. Whether it’s one office, an office suite, a warehouse or all of these combined, EBCO Park does it all. It’s easy to understand why more than 80 local and national companies choose EBCO Park for their business needs. Shouldn’t you? Contact Us

Blue Group Properties, Hoffman United, Erie Pa

EBCO Park, Office Rentals in Erie, Pa

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EBCO, Office Rentals in Erie, Pa
EBCO office rentals in Erie, Pa
EBCO office rentals in Erie, Pa



Pay Rent and Request Maintenance Service Online

Call 814-833-4364 for private unit tours or rental inquiries.


We offer:

  • Clean, attractive offices and warehouses
  • Competitive rentals
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Variable sized offices and warehouses
  • Well maintained properties
  • Prompt response on-site maintenance staff

Amenities include:

  • Internet access/fiber available
  • Plenty of free parking
  • Vending/café style common areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Loading docks and ramps
  • Forklift and pallet jacks

Tenant Placement

The staff at Hoffman United provides tenant placement services for all Hoffman United residential and commercial rental properties. Are our process includes credit screenings, rental history, and income verification on applicants. Hoffman United handles all leasing agreement documents as well as finding you the right property. If you have questions on our tenant placement process, the needed documents in order to qualify, or any other associating questions, please contact us.

Available Spaces


Business Offices Suite # Sq. Ft.
2001 Peninsula Drive 1 271
2101 Peninsula Drive 18 671
2101 Peninsula Drive 24 1051
2101 Peninsula Drive 3 461
2221 Peninsula Drive 101 781
2221 Peninsula Drive 311 263
2800 W. 21st St. 218 214
2800 W. 21st St. 38 206
2800 W. 21st St. 528 135
2820 W. 23rd St. 100 512
2820 W. 23rd St. 103 583
2820 W. 23rd St. 400 902
2820 W. 23rd St. 215 1794
2820 W. 23rd St. 600 488


Warehouse Spaces Suite # Sq. Ft.
2001 Peninsula Drive 53 1383
2001 Peninsula Drive 67 2011
2101 Peninsula Drive 100 3683
2101 Peninsula Drive 31 451
2101 Peninsula Drive 32 406
2101 Peninsula Drive 33 290
2800 W. 21st St. 12 386
2800 W. 21st St. 523 505
2800 W. 21st St. 524 1650
EBCO Park Map, Erie Pa
EBCO office rentals in erie pa
EBCO warehouse for rent in Erie, Pa
EBCO warehouse for rent in erie, pa