Working Hard to Turn Erie Into a Thriving Community

This year has flown by with all our great projects and successes!

I wanted to give a brief update on the city we are working so diligently hard on to turn it into a thriving community.

Our Success is also Erie Community’s Success

From working with city leaders to being covered on the news multiple times, including the front page of the Erie Times – everyone at Hoffman United thanks you for your support. We would not be where we are today without you! It is important to remember that our success is also Erie community’s success.

As of November 2016, we own a total of 56 apartment units in all parts of our city and another 34 under contract. It is our primary focus to use our resources to transform the vulnerable parts of our community into a prosperous part of town again. It is not safe for properties to be left abandoned in the most vulnerable neighborhoods. We want to drive out illegal behavior and criminals and bring in working professionals that work hard during the day and enjoy themselves after work, but also have positive contributions to society. This process will take years to fully implement but with the help of local landlords such as Jason Pero, Jeremy Bleser of Bayfront East Side Taskforce (BEST), Erie Downtown Development Corporation, Erie Insurance and other agencies – WE will get it done!

After meeting with many of these incredible people and calling them my friends, I am proud to say that we all have the same mission, Transforming Erie Into a Thriving City One Home, One Street, and One Block at a Time! In the coming years, cities across the United States will find that Erie is strong, Erie is proud, and Erie is once again prosperous. We will break the cycle of poverty, we will break the cycle of violence, and we will rebuild our school system that is haunting our inner city.

Hoffman United will continue to rebuild homes from the ground up. The time for small thinking and planning has come to an end. It’s time for action. It’s Hoffman United’s mission, now and for decades to come, to unite Erie together. Whether you live on the East or West side, we must come together as one family to build Erie into a prosperous, strong, and secure city again.

This is everyone’s mission.

We can only get there together so I am asking everyone to join me in dreaming big, belief in your community, your future, and believe in the future of Erie!


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