Warehouse Space for a Post-Pandemic Economy

Increased demands for more square footage for businesses of all sizes.

COVID-19 has brought has increased the demand for how people work and shop. These are new challenges for wholesalers, e-commerce, third-party logistics companies, and data centers to expand their footprints. How has your workspace been challenged?

Post-Pandemic Warehouse Outlook

According to CBRE Group, demand for e-commerce fulfillment is rising due to COVID-19 due to the shift in people’s shopping habits. In 2020, e-commerce sales increased 44.5% in Quarter 2, up from the 14.8% of Quarter 1, and it is expected to continue to grow. Increasing pressures on wholesalers and third-party logistics companies to maintain healthy and safe environments for their employees. Companies have to increase their footprint to store extra inventory, prevent disruptions to the supply chain, and follow health protocols.

CBRE e-commerce sales increasedWith changes in online shopping habits, the demand for industrial real estate locations has increased. According to JLL, the need for space may add 1 billion square feet by 2025.  

Commercial and Industrial Rentals in Erie, Pa.

For businesses looking to increase their footprint, now is the time to do it. The demand for space is here and EBCO Park has a variety of light-industrial and warehouse spaces that are flexible, affordable, and conveniently located.

Property Features

EBCO Park offers flexible single offices, multi-unit office suites, warehouse spaces, or any combination of the three – all in various sizes. The options allow for easy expansion and growth to help your business easily pivot to evolving supply and demand needs of the current economy. The Erie warehouse properties are conveniently located near major highways, units have shipping and loading access, plenty of free parking, cafe-style common areas, conference rooms, and other additional amenities.

Convenient Location in Northwestern PA

EBCO Park is located in the heart of Erie, ideal for regional distribution. It’s quick access to I-79, I-90, and the Bayfront Connector, making shipping to the Tri-State Area and beyond easy. Being close to Erie’s bayfront also allows for convenient freighter shipping to the tri-state area.

New Construction vs. Existing Square Footage

With the increased demand for space, there is also a limited supply of available lots for new construction. If you’re looking to expand your business, there is no need to build a facility. EBCO Park offers space for manufacturing, light assembly, warehousing, distribution, data centers, and offices. The properties are affordable, well maintained, clean, and attractive. Choose between different types of areas or combinations of spaces with various size options. Leasing with EBCO Park takes the worry out of building upkeep, with maintenance included in the rent. Expanding your footprint is easy with beautiful properties, flexible options, competitive rates, and responsive maintenance staff.

Industrial Real Estate in Erie, PA

As e-commerce continues to grow so will the demand increase for warehouse properties. The economy and changes in consumer shopping habits pressure your business to expand its footprint with easy, convenient, and affordable warehousing at EBCO Park. We offer a convenient location for efficient shipping, excellent properties to enhance distribution efficiency, and inventory control in a safe and secure environment. 

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Other Commercial Real Estate Needs

COVID-19 has forced businesses to abandon large office spaces for remote work. Even though there is currently a limited need for office space, businesses may find they need a central hub of operations as we begin to normalize. A hybrid structure of work from home and returning to the office is becoming popular, and business owners recognize the need for a brick-and-mortar central location. This space would be ideal for meetings, presentations, and collaborative projects with enough space for social distancing. At EBCO Park, we offer various office suites and single offices in different sizes, along with common areas and conference rooms – perfect for the new hybrid work operations. 

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