Spring Savings on Energy Efficient Roofing

Did you know that a midrange roofing replacement can recoup an average of 62.9% of the cost?*

When you invest in a new roof, not only are you improving the curb appeal of your home, but you’re also increasing the value of your home. By calling our Construction team, you can receive $500 off your new roof and start enjoying your energy savings!

* Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2013

7 Signs that You Need a New Roof

  1. What is the age of your roof? Most resources say that an average roof can last about 20-25 years, but even that depends on many different factors. Weather, installation, insulation, structure, shingle-type, shingle layers, and if it was properly ventilated. If any of this sounds like your roof, it’s probably time to have it inspected and estimated for repair or replacement.
  2. Curling Shingles. Proper shingles should be flat and lay nicely over each other in a symmetrical pattern. If you see slopes, curls, or buckles – especially those areas that get heavy hits of sun – it could be a sign that your shingles are not working like they should be. Make sure to check with your contractor to see if your roof is due for some TLC.
  3. Roof Confetti: Missing areas of shingles on the roof, parts of shingles fallen in your yard and driveway, are strong indicators that you need a new roof, and the sooner the better. Snow and rain will push the flakes of broken shingles into your gutters and clog the water flow away from the surface of the roof. Now you must watch for water damage on the inside of your home.
  4. Copy Thy Neighbor. Are your neighbors getting their roofs replaced? Then it’s a solid sign to the age of your home and time to inspect how your roof is holding up. Especially after harsh Erie winters and rainy spring days. The ups and downs in temperature can speed up the lifespan of your roof. Better to get it inspected now so you can enjoy your home worry-free.
  5. Dark Stains. Do you notice waves of different color across the surface of your roof? These could from airborne algae. Though they may not cause immediate damage to your roof, it can hurt your homes curb appeal, especially if you’re thinking of selling your home this summer. This type of issue may just require a good cleaning of a 50:50 water and bleach spray. But be careful to not knock off any loose shingles during cleaning.
  6. Attic Sunlight. You may have missed the holes when you were packing away your holiday decorations, but during spring cleaning you may find that light is coming in through the roof. That means water and cold air can too. It’s time to call in a professional and see if you need light repairs.
  7. Clear the Blockage. While you’re cleaning up your gardens and getting your outdoor entertainment spaces ready for summer fun, it’s a good time to check your gutters and downspouts. If the “roof confetti” is blocking the passage of water, you could not only be looking at water damage inside the home but also blocking flow to the street. You’ll want to clean these out as soon as possible and access where the “confetti” was coming from.

If any of these signs are visible on your roof, then it’s time to have a professional evaluate the true status of your roof. As bonded, insured, and licensed Erie professionals, we can help you decide which investment is best for your home.


Benefits of a new roof:

  • A new roof will last you 25+ years.
  • Reduce energy bills by decreasing air conditioning needs.
  • Makes your home easier to sell.
  • With an average ROI of 67-70%, new roofs are one of the best home improvement projects.
  • 40% of your home curb’s appeal is directly linked to your roof.
  • Prevents health hazards like mold and mildew.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that your roof is solid, warrantied for many years, and will protect your property from natures elements.


Invest in your home, and you’re investing in Erie.

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