Private Real Estate Opportunities in Erie, Pa


Building off of our first private offering, Blue Group Properties (BGP), we are excited to lead our second private offering to success. Investing is about looking forward and planning for the future. We formed BGP II to allow investors to invest in private real estate as an option for their portfolio and impact the communities we serve.

Invest in Private Real Estate

Private real estate investment provides an alternative opportunity for your portfolio and captures unique options not available on the public markets. Real estate allows investors to diversify their portfolios with lower volatility than stocks and bonds. The properties are tangible assets meaning that they will always hold a market value and are a pretty safe investment to see a return. Regardless of the state of the markets, there will be a value in properties. Real estate serves as a good hedge against inflation because it holds its intrinsic value, there is a limited supply, which yields a return.

Blue Group Properties Difference

At BGP II, we have a deep passion for generating returns through real estate assets. It is essential to us knowing that the capital we are raising allows us to create a positive economic impact in the areas we serve – Erie, PA, and beyond.

We enjoy networking with potential sellers and lessees, executing leases, analyzing possible deals, and executing those that will provide a strong return and positive impact in the community. Our focus is delivering excellent investment performance, being responsible stewards of our investors’ capital, managing risk, and seeking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Target Properties

By focusing on delivering strong investment performance, we strategically planned to target a blend of commercial and residential real estate.

Industrial and Retail Plazas

Our targets are industrial and retail plazas in high traffic areas. These properties will need to be multi-tenant Triple Net (NNN) leased properties to mitigate risk. Due to COVID-19 and the changes that have occurred, we have developed a set of criteria for selecting the types of plazas we will seek to acquire. These criteria will mitigate risk and account for changes in customer habits from the pandemic. We aim to diversify investments through developing multiple plazas with various long-term stable tenants to lower the risk for the investors.

Residential Properties

We will diversify the investment by adding a variety of residential properties that will also minimize risk. Residential investments have a higher return on investment due to hands-on property management and higher occupancy rates. The frequent turnover of residential units provides us with an opportunity to react quickly, increase rental rates, and hedge against rising inflation.

We will use our expertise and passion to deliver the best experience for investors and lessees. We aim to create value over time through a rigid, patient, and persistent application of skilled management and resources. Our passion for community advancement and careful consideration of investment opportunities allows us to be good stewards of our investors’ funds and our community’s future.