A State of the Union Message

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To our customers, suppliers, tenants, residents of Erie, Americans, and the world – it is with great excitement to share with you Hoffman United vision’s for 2017 and beyond.

Since we were founded in 2014, our mission and vision for the Erie community and the nation have remained the same. To create thriving communities through the procurement, rehabilitation, development, construction, and management of blighted and abandoned properties. We believe our commitment to Erie, combined with business leadership and investment, will result in long-lasting economic impact not only for the Erie community but for the nation as a whole.

Our incredible successes and learning from our failures have made us the great company we are today. After coming to the conclusion that our company was adapting, becoming bigger, and making an impact on the lives of others – we spent 2016 restructuring our company from Hoffman Maintenance and Landscape into Hoffman United. Our three new divisions include Real Estate Development, Construction, and Property Management. The keyword being ’United’, because everyone at Hoffman United knows how important it is to work together, to perform their job to the highest capacity, and go the extra mile.

Outlining our Erie vision for 2017 and beyond.

Hoffman Development’s team have been working very hard to locate and acquire distressed Erie properties to bring downtown neighborhoods back to life and to make them safe again. In fact, we have acquired over 40 units since November of 2016 and will not stop until all vulnerable neighborhoods in the downtown Erie area are eradicated.

It is not safe for properties to be left abandoned in the most vulnerable neighborhoods. Hoffman Development locates these properties, acquires them, rehabs them, and rents them out to professionals. A recent example of this is our property at 711 Myrtle Street. We acquired the vacant property with stories of people living in the basement to escape the cold and conducting inappropriate behavior. Once we successfully acquired the property, we immediately secured the building to eliminate any such behavior. Our construction team designed the outline of the units and rehabbed the entire building. Within weeks of completion, we had professional tenants in the building which completely changed the landscape of the property.

The vision is simple – acquire a property people are using for inappropriate behavior, renovate it back to its original beauty, and bring in professional tenants to set the example. It is our mission to acquire thousands of these units across the city of Erie and to eradicate these vulnerable neighborhoods to become secure and strong again.

Help us restore hope to the Erie Community.
These properties are no cheap date. That’s where our customers come into place. When you hire Hoffman Construction or Management’s services, not only are you supporting local workers, but you are allowing us to use over 80% of our gross profit to reinvest into vulnerable neighborhoods. Whether we install a new roof or build you a new home, you can be ensured your money is being used to better the community you call home.

It’s our job to restore hope to communities. We are a glimmer of hope and we are beginning to rebuild the Erie community. It’s more than just a nail into a piece of wood, it’s about reforming lives and communities. We truly believe that there is nothing we cannot fix.

It’s our mission in 2017 to unite Erie together – whether you live on the east or west side, we must come together as one family to build Erie into a prosperous, strong, and secure city again. It all starts with you -our customers, suppliers, tenants, residents of Erie, and fellow Americans. We can be mad about life’s circumstances or we can work to change them. Will you join us?