Tenant Showcase: Mega Media Factory

Jamey Stewart and his business, Mega Media Factory, have been long-term residents calling EBCO Park home for more than eight years. He has been able to stay in the same location and grow the business and physical location. The ease and flexibility to grow have provided Stewart a peace of mind to scale the space as the business grew.

Jamey Stewart, President and Owner of Mega Media Factory explained how he got started, “I started Mega Media Factory almost 10 years ago focusing strictly on creative services, and we have grown our client base from local and regional customers to clients all over the world. Mega Media Factory is a full-service, creative production company focusing on video production, audio production, website development, and digital signage solutions.

We discussed what it’s like housing a business in EBCO Park with Jamey and his experiences with the business center.

Why Did You Choose EBCO Park for Your Business?
I started the company in Pittsburgh and regularly traveled from Pittsburgh to visit my clients in Erie, Buffalo, and Cleveland.  Having strong family ties to the Erie Area, I made the decision to move myself, and the company to Erie.  Due to this move, I ended up reviewing a few different office rentals, but my then future Father-In-Law recommended I take a peek at EBCO.  I was immediately greeted and shown a few different office spaces that would have worked great and ultimately settled on the office I’m still currently in.  We have grown our business significantly since, and EBCO has always been a great location for us.

What Are The Reasons You Enjoy Being Located at EBCO Park?
There are many reasons but most of which are location and flexibility.  EBCO is perfectly located for my business.  We are one minute away from major highways, a few minutes from the Erie International Airport, and only a couple of minutes from other Erie attractions and the bayfront.  

Flexibility here has been the biggest perk.  As the business has grown, we have been able to grow our physical footprint within EBCO Park.  We started as a single office, grew to a second, then a third, and now even a fourth.  All of this has been very easy.  The Hoffman United team has been easy to work with and responsive whenever I had questions.

What Benefits of EBCO Park Would You Tell Anyone Looking for a New Location?
Location, Flexibility, Accessibility, Clean, Safe.  These are just some of the reasons why I choose to stay at EBCO.  One of the biggest decisions a business owner can make is where to locate their business.  Having a safe and professional environment for my employees and customers to come is really important to me.  Having a landlord that is responsive to questions and requests is important.  But mostly, having a landlord who is a partner that values business growth, long-term relationships and offers flexibility and understanding, is beyond helpful, as our business requires changes

Jamey says, “If you are looking for a space for your business, I highly suggest taking a look at EBCO Park!”  

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