Home Renovation Girard, Pa
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Home Renovation

Project Size: 1,522 sq. ft.
Building Type: Single Family Home
Project Type: Remodel
Timeframe: 2 months
Total Building Costs: $65,000

Hoffman United was hired to transform this single-family home from outdated to updated, warm, and timeless. Our team designed floor plans, demoed what needed replacing, updated electrical and plumbing needs, completed drywall, new flooring, painting, and windows in the entire house throughout two months.

Construction began in the kitchen with a complete redesign. After the completion of demolition, we started with classic white cabinetry paired perfectly with dark bamboo flooring. The custom backsplash tied together the dark flooring creating a cohesive design accenting the simplicity of the cabinets. 

The bathrooms had not been touched in years; the new design matched the kitchen with a timeless and more modernized look. The rooms had white marble tile flooring extended to chair rail height and custom vanity and nickel finishes. We updated a half-bath in the master bedroom with a beautiful and unique accent wall of light warm tile with natural stone displayed down the middle. 

The basement overall replaced an unfinished space with an additional room for the new family. We designed the areas to include new furnishings, finishes, and lighting to create a warm and welcoming environment perfect for a playroom or family room. 

This home had a complete transformation throughout the entire house. The remodel gave the new family a home that has been renovated and designed in a warm and timeless fashion for decades to come.