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Lead. Restore. Build. Hoffman United is dedicated to assisting Erie to become a thriving epicenter by strategically and ethically procuring blighted properties, increasing market-rate housing, and pursuing economic development opportunities through our commercial and residential Construction and Rentals, as well as unique investment opportunities. We promise to always provide superior quality and excellent customer service. 

It is our mission to build strong communities that will last for generations and bring beauty back to buildings that have deteriorated over time. We know this means that our ambitions must include the aspirations and needs of all people in the community. 

Using the Golden Rule as our guide, we set the bar for quality leadership. We create high standards for ourselves and strive for small improvements every day because we want a legacy the Erie region can be proud of. We believe in our city, and if we work together, we will make a huge impact: one home, one block, and one street at a time.

We know the importance of teamwork. Steadfast in our community leadership positions, we’re committed to redeveloping areas that will make long-lasting economic impacts via innovation, ambition, and room for diversity. We want to see cities and our customers thrive, which is why we’ll continue to provide, produce, and manage properties of lasting value.   


Paul Hoffman, Erie, Pa

Paul R. Hoffman


Paul R. Hoffman is President of Hoffman United and exclusive manager of Blue Group Properties, LLC, an alternative investment company founded by Paul in 2019. Mr. Hoffman has been involved in all phases of Hoffman United’s development since its founding in 2014. He oversees over 170 residential apartment units along with over 225,000 square feet of commercial and light industrial space in the surrounding Erie area. Paul handles all business development activities. He sets and manages budgets; interacts with investors, customers, and community leaders; allocates capital to the three divisions of Hoffman United; approves all real estate acquisitions, and employs a team of 17.  He also works in the field, managing construction projects. Paul is driven by his vision of what it means to be an American, “We dream, we build, we create. It’s called the American Dream.

Christine Hoffman

Vice President

Christine assists Paul in creating and driving the vision for Hoffman United. Christine oversees 170 residential units and commercial space in Erie County. She leads the real estate operations which includes, oversight for the financial, compliance, and physical performance of all portfolios. Christine supervises real estate acquisitions and interacts with investors, customers, and community leaders. Her vision is, “First improve and make Erie a better place, which will make this country and the world a better place.”

Our Team

Nick Sanzo

Vice President of Construction
Email | 814.881.7127

Valerie Dixon

Office Manager
Email | 814.833.4364

Ann Wagner

Office Manager
Email | 814.833.4364

Thomas Havern

Head Foreman

Dave Barone

Head Maintenance Commercial

Carmen McCall


Bob Brooder

Head Maintenance Residential

Amy Moore

Facility Manager

Jenny Poff

Chief Marketing Officer
Email | 814.806.4691