Our Mission

Hoffman United is strategically focused on helping Erie, PA be a thriving epicenter by procuring blighted properties, increasing market-rate housing, and pursuing economic development opportunities through our development, construction, and property management services. We provide superior quality, excellent customer service, and have an acute attention to detail that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Vision

Hoffman United is a real estate development, construction, and property management company dedicated to being community leaders and redeveloping areas to make long lasting economic impacts and help cities thrive. Our priority is our customers’ needs and where we provide, produce, and manage properties of lasting value to the community. We believe in teamwork, leadership, diversity, ambition, commitment, innovation, and professionalism. We value our employees and customers and strive to enhance our reputation for integrity through our actions.

Paul's Story

Paul Hoffman started his first business at the age of 12. With the support and guidance of his father he went door-to-door, ultimately signing up three neighbors for his lawn mowing service.

He couldn’t drive to his clients’ homes, so he used his commercial mower as transportation. This proved to be quite the marketing tool!

Hoffman Lawn & Garden’s client list quickly grew from three to 30 homes.

Realizing the limitation of a seasonal business, he partnered with a family friend who had 30 years experience in the construction industry. Together, they formed a partnership and built H&M Landscaping and Construction, a full service residential construction company.

But Paul, who was born and raised in Erie, had bigger dreams. Where others saw depressed neighborhoods and abandoned properties, Paul saw potential – an opportunity to make a lasting economic impact in his community. In 2016, he transformed H&M Landscape into Hoffman United to deliver new services (construction, property management, and real estate development) to help drive economic growth in Erie and in other communities around the nation.

Like most entrepreneurs who can’t stay in one place for too long, Paul hopes to take his three-part business model to other cities that need help, and to channel his passion for community service into a run for public office.


Paul R. Hoffman


Paul oversees over 150 residential units in the heart of downtown Erie and handles all business development activities. He sets and manages budgets; interacts with investors, customers, and community leaders; allocates capital to the three divisions of Hoffman United; approves all real estate acquisitions; and employs a crew of 15. He also works in the field, managing construction and landscape crews. Paul is driven by his vision of what it means to be an American, “We dream, we build, we create. It’s called the American Dream.”

Christine Hoffman

Vice President, Property Manager

Christine assists Paul in creating and driving the vision for Hoffman United. Christine is also the head property manager for Hoffman Management and oversees 150 residential units in the heart of downtown Erie. Christine supervises real estate acquisitions and interacts with investors, customers, and community leaders. Her vision is, “First improve and make Erie a better place, which will make this country and the world a better place.”

Paul Mabie


Paul grew up in the construction industry and has over 35 years of experience. He began his career as a teenager working with his father, Regis Mabie, in roofing. In 2014, Paul joined Hoffman Construction, a division of Hoffman United, and instantly became Paul Hoffman’s right hand man. Paul currently serves as Manager for Hoffman United and is responsible for project management, estimating, field operations, equipment and fleet management, and safety.

Rick Hoffman


Rick has been part of Hoffman United since its founding in 2014. As manager, he oversees construction projects and assists with construction estimating. He is also responsible for the coordination of field work, management of project personal, coordination of material deliveries and site visits. Rick also serves as a special advisor for real estate acquisition.



As a manager, he oversees construction projects and manages all apartments. He is also responsible for the coordination of eld work management of project personal, coordination of material deliveries and site visits. Tim handles the day to day operations of the property management and field duties.

Jenny Poff

Jenny Poff

Chief Branding Officer

Jenny is trailblazing the way for community impact through strategic marketing and branding initiatives for Hoffman United. With over 18 years in the advertising field and specializing in real estate and development marketing, Jenny and her company, Presque Isle Designs, are an added value to Hoffman United. Championing for the company’s success, Jenny ensures that their key mission and vision are communicated and marketed strongly throughout the communities in which they serve.